Stephen & Fiora

ACROCORDION is a musical acrobatic street-theatre act. Funny, amazing and touching. 
This charming family show takes you on a comical journey, a clash of cultures and arts. Apart from being funny, amazing and touching, the show has a strong African energy, humor and spirit. 
Two very different characters are challenging each other. The funny and joking acrobat that leaves you in awe with his crazy stunts, dances moves, tumbles, high and far jumps. The elegant accordion player, naive and playful, surprises you with her songs and skills.
Challenging each other and bringing their worlds together. The show must go on, the music must go on, also when carried up high in the sky.
ACROCORDION has been a successful show with repeat bookings in festivals, schools and events around Europe. It is a simple equipped show. Challenging the audience to participate. The energy is so high that many audience ends up clapping, dancing and laughing throughout. The show is fit for all ages. Children laugh so loud and adults being moved.

Stephen & Fiora
Stephen Owino has travelled, created shows, trained and participated in many workshops around Europe and Africa in the last 10 years. Teaming up with Fiora Beuger who is a Dutch musician and composer to make a simple, funny, romantic and amazing spectacle musical acrobatic show in the past 4 years. They have toured and performed in numerous festivals, schools, fairs, circuses and private and public events.

Among the festivals they have performed in are :
Amsterdam Roots, Mooi Weer Spelen, Kunsten Op Straat, Houtfestival and Kindermuziekfestival in Holland, Berlin Lacht in Germany, Züricher Theater Spektakel in Switzerland, Biograd Street Music Festival in Croatia, Manifiesta in Belgium and in the streets of Italy, Austria and Denmark and many more unmentioned.

Practical info:
Category: Acrobatics, live music and comedy
Duration of act: 30 mins
Required space: 4×5 meter, 3,5m high
Streetshow, quick build up, no technical requirements.

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