Fiora is a musician, composer and performer. She composes for and performs in  theater-shows, in bands, and in circus-shows and circus-acts.
She plays accordion, piano and sings.

Fiora studied at the University of the Arts Utrecht in The Netherlands. During her study she got involved with the theater-group Dogtroep. After her study she kept on working with them on several theater-shows. And from there her career started to develop more and more. She worked for groups like Unieke Zaken, Speeltheater Holland en Circus Zanzara.

Together with acrobat Stephen Owino, Fiora forms the circus duo  Stephen & Fiora and they travel around with their show ACROCORDION.

As a soloist Fiora performs often for children, she has a theatrical-musical-educative program full of beautiful self-made folksongs and children songs.